Shouldn't it be datum science instead?

Data is a weird word. I know that it’s a word of Latin pedigree and that in Latin its singular form was datum. It feels so weird to think of it as plural, as I found it’s the preferred style for journals.

So when my manuscript came back with hundred of changes asking me to type data were collected, and the data suggest, it got me thinking …

In English, when you use a noun as another noun modifier, it goes in singular form. We have food science, not foods science. We have bird watchers and not birds watchers. We have number theory and not numbers theory.

So … it should Datum Science not Data Science, shouldn’t it?

Erwin Lares
Erwin Lares
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I’m an aikidoist, dog dad & a humanist. I started my PhD in linguistics in my forties. I speak Spanish natively and English as an L2 speaker. I love to travel, but I’m not too crazy about traaaaveling.