Writing my dissertation Conducted three experiments combining in-person and online data-gathering techniques with over 600 participants. Collected and analyzed the data produced by these experiments. Incorporated those findings into my dissertation manuscript.

Do we really need context?

The Role of acoustic cues in idiomatic disambiguation

Shouldn't it be datum science instead?

Data is a weird word. I know that it’s a word of Latin pedigree and that in Latin its singular form was datum. It feels so weird to think of it as plural, as I found it’s the preferred style for journals.

Auto-numbering and glossing linguistics examples in R Markdown - 2

Part 2 - Writing in R Markdown, inline code, code blocks, and LaTeX environments The first thing you need to know is that Markdown is a lightweight markup language for plain text editing.

VOT development of L2 Learners

VOT Development of La Residencia students I am collaborating with Rajiv Rao to analyze and visualize the data produced by a longitudinal project studying the pronunciation development of students living in a domestic immersion program called La Residencia.

Disambiguating Literal and Idiomatic Interpretations

In this talk I presented preliminary results of a production experiment I conducted with the help of 13 native speakers of Spanish. Using a modified Discourse Completion Task to provide background information, participants produced a set of 20 minimally different pairs of sentences where the key difference was the interpretation the participants had in mind at the time of production.