Writing my dissertation Conducted three experiments combining in-person and online data-gathering techniques with over 600 participants. Collected and analyzed the data produced by these experiments. Incorporated those findings into my dissertation manuscript.

Shouldn't it be datum science instead?

Data is a weird word. I know that it’s a word of Latin pedigree and that in Latin its singular form was datum. It feels so weird to think of it as plural, as I found it’s the preferred style for journals.

VOT development of L2 Learners

VOT Development of La Residencia students I am collaborating with Rajiv Rao to analyze and visualize the data produced by a longitudinal project studying the pronunciation development of students living in a domestic immersion program called La Residencia.

Something linguistic I learned today

One of the things I found most challenging about multisyllabic words in English is that you don’t really pronounce most of the vowels except for the vowel in the stressed syllable; the rest are just unstressed central vocoids or schwas.

Linguistic Trivia

Linguistic trivia I’m confused by the expression ‘a piece of fruit.’ Why not just a fruit? I used to think of fruit as a hypernym for all kinds of fruits.